Soil & Concrete

Iron binding

At DGO soil and concrete we are, as the name suggests, specialists in everything related to soil and concrete. This means, that we can perform all jobs involving soil and concrete. For example, we offer iron binding, which is used in concrete casting among other things. It is important, that the basic work with iron binding is done properly, if you want to be sure to get a good result. We have specialists in that field, who always perform iron binding jobs to perfection. Iron binding is only one example of the many tasks, that we, as a professional company, offer.

Casting of foundations and floors etc.

Casting concrete requires the appropriate skills, the proper equipment, and, finally, a sense of detail. As with everything else, it is important to do the job properly, so you can be sure to get a good result. For example, it is a pity if you end up with a cast foundation or a floor that is not as it should be – because it is difficult to do it again. Therefore, we always approach the task of casting of e.g. foundations and floors with the greatest care, and commitment to quality.

Shuttering of molding boxes

We can also do shuttering of molding boxes, which is also a necessary skill involving many concrete casting tasks. The shuttering of the molding box is one step in the process, when it comes to concrete casting. We have great experience in this field, and we have the right skills, that enable us to offer complete concrete casting, right from the iron binding, to the shuttering of the molding box, to the final casting. So, you can safely choose us, if you are facing a job, that involves soil and concrete.