Of houses

Do you have a house that needs to be demolished? In some cases, it is more profitable to tear down a house and build a new one, than to try and repair it. It is a good idea to have the old removed and start over, especially if the old house is run-down. A demolition can, however, seem like a big and intimidating job. At DGO soil and concrete, we fortunately have many years of experience with the demolition of houses. We are professionals, and we have the professional machines and the equipment, that a proper and safe demolition of a house demands.

Road removal

We can also assist with road removal. Again, it is sometimes more worthwhile to tear up an old road, and put down a new one, instead of trying to repair it. Maybe a road just needs to be removed completely to give way to something else. Whatever the reason, we at DGO soil and concrete can take care of road removal in the correct way. Again, we make sure to take the necessary precautions, and turn up for the job with the right equipment, to make sure the job can be solved as effectively and quickly as possible.

Asbestoses Jobs

Asbestos is a fibrous material, that was previously used on a large scale, since it has many structural advantages. However, it has been found, that it can be extremely hazardous, if you are exposed to it in large quantities, since the small fibers can infect your lungs. It is therefore very important to handle asbestos, and the removal of it, in just the right way. We have the experience and the professionalism it takes, when dealing with asbestos jobs. You can therefore safely choose us, if you need to have a house demolished, a road removed or asbestos removed in the most professional and efficient way.